Tuesday, July 24

an anniversary

its always a little weird to me when you realize that it is the anniversary of a certain event. like a whole year had gone by but you can still remember that event as if it was just a month ago.
well this time last year (actually last week last year) ... i moved to costa rica!
thats right, i have been living in costa rica for a full year!

i thought i would do a little recap of my year but since i didn't have a blog for the first half of that year i'm gonna have to think a little bit harder. 

so, in my year here in costa rica ...

i went on a semi-frustrating job search but did get hired at my current school (six months in advance!)

paris finished his two-year english course and we went to his graduation

paris and i, his sister, and 6 friends rented a gorgeous bungalow in manuel antonio for a weekend

 i spent christmas and new years in new jersey with my friends and family

paris and i celebrated our two year anniversary

i started working and after a long and tedious process was accepted for a working visa

my parents came to visit! and we spent some time at the beach

we got rocco!

and many other fun weekends that would make this post way too long!

what a whirlwind year this has been so far. in my experience when you are living in another country the time seems to go by much faster than not.

happy one year costa rica anniversary to me!


Anonymous said...

congrats and happy anniversary! ;D


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

well you already know my favorite part ... ROCCO!! ;)

Bret said...

what a lovely year it's been for you. I hope #2 is even better!
xo bhrett

Allison Taylor said...

Happy one year! And many more to come :) Is that picture taken on a roof? That's way cool!