Friday, June 8



we finally picked up our handsome little fur baby yesterday and have fallen completely in love.

he is so so small, he fits right in the palms of our hands.

it was a pretty long night because we were so nervous about falling asleep and then when we finally did fall asleep, rocco would wake up every few hours and start gnawing at our noses or crawling into my hair.

i'm so excited to spend aalll weekend with him, i am really hoping he gets adjusted fast. keep your eyes out for a bunch of pictures of our little boy.

*this is a different dog than the picture we were sent below. when we met all the dogs we just bonded with this one and the owner had no problem letting us take him :)


The Adventurer said...

OH. MY. GOSH!!!!

I;m dying. And loving. And overflowing with excitement for you!!

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

HOLY HOLY HOLY HOLY!!! I want to kiss him all over, so cute!

With Arms Outstretched said...

i love him so much...i mean, he's sort of like my nephew.

his little lady said...! no words can describe my jealousy right now. most adorable thing ever!!!!!
xo TJ

Megan said...

Oh my gorgeous! He is just the littlest of loves!