Thursday, June 7

current crush

 1., 2., 3., 4.
 I'm joining some ladies for their current crush posts today!

just like many of you all out there (guys and girls alike) i am a huge fan of pinterest. i am also a huge fan of having my nails painted by both myself and someone else ;)

since i've been out of the country for so long, going on two years nows, i have kind of started to use pinterest to see what the "trends" are back home. obviously so i can keep up! haha just kidding i am far from keeping up..

anyway one of the trends i have really started to take a liking to is all the crazy nail polish ideas! one in particular is painting each nail a different color. i honestly thought this was only something you did when you were seven years old.. you know .. a rainbow on my hands!

but lately i have seen a ton of pictures with the whole "ombre" phenomenon (in love with) or two or three different colors that go well together, alternated between nails.

i'm really excited to buy some new nail polish when i'm home, i love me some essie, and start trying out some new styles on my nails!

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Ashley @ embracing the everyday said...

I looove all of your nail polish picks! I'm obsessed with nail polish. My favorite is #2.. Love the different blues and the sparkles. :)

Yellow Umbrella said...

I love nail polish, especially this summer...such great colors.

Allena Mistral said...

I have an obsession with nail polish. These are such pretty picks! I'm definitely a fan of #2 and #3... They look like something I would wear in a heart beat!

Shane said...

Loving every single one of these! My nails are in need of a little man, I bettter try onw out :)

xo Shane

Shannon said...

I love #4! You've inspired me to try this one my nails. I'm so glad I found your blog through Crush Thursday's. I'm a new follower.

meme-and-he said...

LOVE the different colored nails. Perfect for a day at the beach!

Chris said...

I love all the nail trends, but I'm always too chicken to try it out!


Jennifer said...

LOVE #2. Blue is just the best and that is a great way to wear it:)

megan ashley said...

you're going to have to try a gel manicure when you get back here :)