Saturday, April 7

sloths, iguanas, and monkeys, oh my!

like i said yesterday, the hotel we stayed in at manuel antonio was called costa verde. it is one of the coolest hotels i have ever been to. it is literally right in the middle of the jungle and the property is huge. they have four or five different areas of rooms, three different pools, an incredibly delicious restaurant, and the best part ... tons of animals!

thats right. since it was built in the jungle and they didnt destroy much of the surrounding land, many of the animals just hang out right on the property. my favorite though, the sloths. they are just too cute! the hotel's slogan is "still more monkeys than people" however i didnt actually see any monkeys on the property (my dad did though) i saw a ton of monkeys at the beach. there were however, probably more iguanas than people.

that picture with all the leaves actually has a sloth in it! you can see his little head somewhere in there while he was looking down at us. it was my goal to see a sloth on this trip and i saw two! also, those monkeys were actually that close to the camera. they were not afraid of the people at all and actually got close enough to steal a bag of potato chips from someone!

even more vacation pictures to come tomorrow ;)

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