Friday, April 6

a little vacation

soo sorry i've been mia for a while. but school has been kicking my butt. my annual plan was taking forever and thank god i got a little extension to help me finish it. not to mention all the normal lesson plans, test making, test and project grading, etc etc. so needless to say i have been a little busy ... 
not to mention that my parents are here!!! they have been here since last wednesday and are leaving tomorrow morning :(  but also another reason why i just havent had time to write in here! we've been having plenty of fun though, don't you worry. my parents met paris's parents for the first time (hence the picture above). paris's mom and sisters had a nice meal prepared at home and all the sisters served us while me, paris, my parents, and his parents sat down to eat. even though there is a little bit of a language barrier i think everything went really well and everyone seemed to be getting a long great.

so since this week has been holy week here in costa rica (easter week aka vacation for students and teachers thank youuu) i have had off from work and my parents planned a little vacation to the beach! i suggested manuel antonio because it is the much nicer of the few beaches i have been to here in costa rica and i am pretty familiar with it now. i suggested the hotel costa verde where paris and i and some friends stayed a few months back. my parents LOVED the hotel. here is just a preview of the view from the hotel restaurant.

i'm going to save the rest of the hotel pictures for tomorrow because right now blogger is giving me a really hard time about uploading my pictures. but i will leave you with some pictures from the crocodile bridge on the way to the beach. there is a bridge that is famous for having crocodiles under it! sometimes there are only one or two but this time there were a ton! and some really really big ones. 


and for everyone who asked me if these crocodiles that we are laying on are real ... they are not! don't worry.


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Megan said...

holy crocodiles.