Thursday, March 22

confessions of a procrastinator


its ironic how many clever pictures up in google images when you type in "procrastination." so here i am writing this post .. procrastinating.

its funny how i can remember every sunday in highschool starting sophomore year that me and almost all of my classmates would be frantically IMing each other "have you started the paper yet??" and two hours later, "how many pages do you have done?" " paragraph..." and here i am coming up on two years after graduating college ... STILL PROCRASTINATING  on my schoolwork.

i have my annual plan due on monday, which is basically every lesson i am going to teach to both 7th and 8th grade for the whole year. i have known about this for months. and for months i have been telling myself okay i will start next week. and now i am 4 days before it is due with maybe 1/6 of it complete, asking myself .. why didnt i start sooner?

really, will i ever learn??? i guess i have the comfort in knowing that every single one of my assignment from highschool and college got done and handed in on time. but man, this is stressful because now its MY JOB on the line .. not my grade.

at least i know i'm not alone. today one of my mentor teachers who has been teaching for 20 years who is also a little bit overwhelmed with this told me, "Britta, when the going gets tough..the tough go shopping.." and she proceeds to pull out three new necklaces. i knew i chose her as my mentor for a reason.

okay back to work. wish me luck.

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