Sunday, March 18

compliments to the chef

this saturday we took a little trip to the store to buy some things for our new "kitchen" so that we could finally start to cook our own food. its been so long since i have cooked my own food that i was getting really anxious to do so. obviously its easier to have someone always cooking for you but when its not necessarily what you want to eat or the quality of food that you would like to be eating, its always nice to be able to make whatever you want.

 so we got a nice little pan, a pot, a nice wooden cutting board, some knives, and a few little other things. i'm worried that the pot may be a little small but my options were either really small, small, or really large. so i went with the small one after paris reminded me that we are only two people.

 then today we took a little trip to the grocery store pali which around these parts is in comparison to market basket in massachusetts. so we filled our cart with a bunch of stuff and now our fridge is so colorful because its actually semi full!

 so for dinner i attempted to make my signature dish that i had made probably 3 or 4 days a week in spain (when i wasnt eating pasta with pesto sauce). chicken, with veggies in this case peppers, zucchini, and some spinach which is p's new favorite.

 and i must say it turned out pretty good! it tasted a little different than i expected but paris was pleased with it. he even ate all of the veggies whereas he normally refuses to even eat the little pieces of carrots that are in the rice his mom makes. this week i'm going to try some breaded chicken cutlets with the left over chicken we bought today. although i have to work on getting the portions right because tonight we had just enough for two people. i'm looking forward to trying out more recipes and experimenting with different foods to see what yummyness i can come up with.

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Looks delish! It is always nice to get your own things :)