Sunday, April 8

a little inspiration

i'm feeling a little defeated tonight.
tomorrow is my first day back to work after last week's vacation. i had a week off from work for holy week. and yes i spent most of it with my parents. and yes we went to the beach for a few days.
 so yes i had a great vacation.

but tonight i am feeling a little bit like a failure? okay failure is harsh. whatever the word would be for someone who had really high expectations but didnt quite reach them...

i had plans for myself this week. 
finish ALL my lessons plans and maybe even next week's too...
grade ALL three tests between my two classes and ALL the geography projects...
buy and organize new binders with dividers for each category of worksheet i use...
make up and print out all vocabulary lists for the rest of the trimester...

now lets see what did i actually accomplish from that list?? buy new binders and dividers in the HOPES of getting organized ... but i didnt actually organize them...
everything else was only partially finished or not at all started
what the heck?!

i feel like i'm in high school again not being able to get my work done

and the worst part is .. i have worked an insane amount of hours this week! for the amount of time i spent glued to my computer trying to get all of this finished, i'm amazed i didnt finish everything for the whole school year!

but trying to look on the bright side ... i did get everything done i will need for tomorrow. and i ALMOST finished a lot of this things on my list

i guess this just comes with the territory of being a new teacher. for me, everything has to be done from scratch this year while for most of the other teachers, they have last year's material to work with.

and i'll just have to keep in mind that i may not be there yet, but i'm closer than i was yesterday.


peter said...

always work to be done, never enough fun and down time so enjoy it to the fullest when it is there. catch up when you can.

Jessica Bramlett said...

My name is Jessica Bramlett, I just thought I would drop by and let you know that I am so happy that you used this photo. I would like to let you know that the source is wrong though. It actually belongs to me and the correct source is:

Thank you again for using my photo on your blog!

Btw: this flickr account was from before I got married. So the names do not match.