Monday, April 9

a mish mosh of vacation pictures

here is another little splattering of vacation pictures from when my parents were visiting. there were probably about 3 million pictures taken those few days by the four of us so i'm trying to give you as much as possible without giving you everything.

so we're starting off with some sloths because i certainly love them and i know at least one other person reading this loves them too. so these are for you, girl. then we head to some downtime at the lovely hotel restaurant where we quickly turn to a little jungle hiking action, veer towards some kindle reading, piƱa colada-sipping, pool lounging, and finally an airplane restaurant (we did not eat there .. just took the picture).

so there you have it. this may or may not be the last vacation picture post. i mainly just want to keep thinking that i am on vacation instead of back at work. today was kind of a wonky workday, as most first workdays are after a lovely vacation. but there is a strong chance i am moving into my new classrooms tomorrow! fingers crossed everyone.