Wednesday, February 22

hi everyone, my name is britta and this is my blog...

OH HEY...i thought maybe i would introduce myself again since you prooooobably forgot who i am because i have been blog MIA for the past two weeks. but i'm gonna do my best to find as much time to update as i can!

sooooooooooooooooo the biggest news as of late has to do with that picture right up there! yes everyone, those 12 little check marks signify that i am officially allowed to work here in costa rica! i'm legal! after my failed attempt two weeks ago i was even more frustrated because i just felt like all my effort over the past 4 months was shut down when the man at migraciĆ³n told me the three things i was still missing.... ugh. but this morning i marched right up to the same officer (okay so i waited almost 2 hours and by chance had the same officer) and demanded he accepted my documents! (well i politely asked him how he was and the proceeded to listen to him talk about how much he likes florida). but who cares right?! he took my mounds of paperwork and gave me this one piece of paper and told me, "this will allow you to stay here in costa rica." HALLELUJAH.

obviously more things have happened in the past two weeks, for example I STARTED WORKING. but more to come on that tomorrow (i promise i'm gonna try really hard for tomorrow!)


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