Sunday, February 12

goin' to the chapel

one of paris's sister got married on friday and the wedding was so darling. it was a short civil ceremony in one of the nicest hotels in the area and then a reception to remember that lasted a good 7 hours. i spent most of the afternoon getting ready with the bride and the bridesmaids painting our nails, getting our hair done, and doing our makeup.. you know all that girly stuff.

once the ceremony was over and we got to the reception the real party began. there was a buffet style dinner with everything from cesar salad, to seafood salad, pork, beef, and some of the best desserts i've ever had. no joke, the strawberry mouse with kiwi pieces on top was heaven in my mouth. we probably had about 6 of the little cups on our plate when the waiter came over and was like .. uhhh can i clear that for you...? mmm so good.

anyway we danced a lot until my feet hurt a ton from my shoes and i took them off and danced a little more. they whipped out some carnival masks and hats at one point and everyone had fun with that.

one thing though... who knew it was normal that for a night time wedding all females wore a floor length gown? because this gal didnt. i was one of maybe two females not wearing a floor length gown and imagine how silly i felt! i was thinking how cute is this dress that i bought for 50% off during christmas time! only to find out that everyone probably thought i was just that silly gringa girl who doesnt know the appropriate attire to wear to a wedding...

either way everyone still had a good time and thats all that matters right? lets hope so!

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