Wednesday, February 8

the civil wars

i just read that the group The Civil Wars will be performing at the grammy awards this year. i've been meaning to do a little post about them for a while now but i figured since they just scored this pretty big performance i thought now would be a good time to do so. the civil wars were brought to my attention just last year and i immediately downloaded their album and fell in love. they are just one girl, Joy Williams, and one guy, John Paul White, but together they make some really beautiful music. as a duo they have actually been together for a few years now but have just recently become really popular after they self-released their first album together, Barton Hollow.

it was actually a few years ago that i heard one of their songs on grey's anatomy (my fav show btw) and i really really loved it but had no idea what the name of the song was or who was singing it. then just last year i was watching a rerun of grey's and i heard the song again and remembered how much i had loved it and desperately tried to find out who it was. low and behold it was the song Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars, which is by far the best song on their album. the lyrics of this song are actually pretty sad but their voices combine together to make a bone-chilling yet addictive sound.

it is really great to see how far these guys have come because they are incredibly talented and make such lovely music together. below i have the Poison and Wine video (which you might end up watching more than once it is so good!) as well as their single Barton Hollow which is a little more uplifting and fun. enjoy! and try to check out their grammy performance!

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