Tuesday, February 7

workin' girl

i was going to do a "weekend pt 2" post yesterday but i was too busy with getting work done and now i don't think it would be appropriate on tuesday to talk about last weekend because i'm already looking forward to this weekend. however i will say that i got very sunburned on left shoulder and it still really hurts!

work so far this week has been interesting. between yesterday and today i met almost all of my students' parents and a lot of my students too. most of the parents were extremely nice and thought it was great that they have a native english speaker teaching their students english (phew).

i'm a little bit nervous because by the end of the week i have to have next week's lesson plans done including a diagnostic test for both grade levels and i havent even received all of the textbooks yet! i'm hoping that since next week will be a short week, i'll be able to get by with things like class rules, ice breaker games, and the diagnostic test, before i have to start using lessons from the books.

also, now that i've started working and am not always around the house i've had to really try to remember what i said in this post about cleaning the house little by little each day because what a mess it has so quickly become! today's challenge: the bathroom. wish me luck ;)

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