Thursday, February 23

as of late, according to my camera phone

as promised, i have a little update of what i have been doing these past two weeks since i havent had time or energy to blog about it. excuse the quality of some of these photos but my camera phone isnt as fancy as some of you iphone users!

we have been making a lot of smoothies lately. on sundays we go to the feria to buy a bunch of fruit and then we use it to make smoothies at night. our favorite so far is blackberry, strawberry, banana!

i already told you about the wedding but that was a picture of my hair from behind. it was exactly what i wanted something really simple but off of my shoulders.

we went to a saprissa soccer game which is paris's favorite team. it was the first game he ever went to! the national stadium was really nice and even though the game ended in a tie we enjoyed ourselves and had some really good calzones too.

every time we go to the mall i ask to look at the dogs in the pet store and i die every time. so this last time we were close to buying that cute little pug in the picture! i cant even describe how adorable he was ... however he was also quite expensive so we said thanks for letting us hold him but no thanks. so we've been spending some extra time with good ol' isaac ;)

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