Sunday, February 26

a little sunday fun

today we went to taco bar for a late lunch/early dinner. i had been doing work all afternoon so we forgot about lunch and decided to walk down to taco bar to eat. we had been there once when it first opened about two months ago but we didnt eat anything that time. today we got chicken fingers and fish sticks (really healthy right) and a side plate so that we could fill up at the salad bar. everything was so delicious. they had pesto pasta (my childhood/later in life favorite), spinach salad, asian cole slaw, green beans, and sooo many yummy things that you can go back for as many times as you want. and of course we got strawberry banana smoothies because somehow they are just a little bit better than the ones we make at home.

since we literally ate our weight in food we decided we couldnt walk home just yet. in fact we couldnt really walk at all we were so full. thankfully, taco bar has some hammocks that you can chill out on for this exact reason. so thats what we did! we rested a little bit and then walked back home so i could finish all my lesson plans for this week. which i am pretty excited about! nerd i know.

i hope everyone else had a lovely weekend!

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