Wednesday, February 29

deep down in my heart

i got some upsetting news today. when i was little my parents sent me away to summer camp every single summer. and then when i was old enough to not go to summer camp anymore, i stayed anyway and started working there. and then my last year there i was a cabin counselor and slept in a cabin for three months.

i can say without a single doubt that my summers at Camp Ma-Kee-Ya were the best times of my life.

those girls that you see up in those photos, jen, lisa, and nina,  have been some of the best girl friends i have ever had and we all met at camp almost a decade ago. we all came from different towns but every summer we would reunite at summer camp and never want to leave (and sometimes we didnt).

well anyway, i could go on writing about camp for pages and pages (and maybe one day i will) but for now i can only reminisce. i got an email today saying that Camp Ma-Kee-Ya will no longer be in Harriman State Park. it is essentially gone forever. i know so many people wont understand why this is such a big deal to me and my camp friends because if you're not a "summer camp kid" you really cant understand.

but at least i have hundreds of pictures to look at and all of the memories to laugh about with my girls.


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The Adventurer said...

Remember how we are THE SAME B? I am a camp kid too. Lifer as a camper and counselor for two summers.

I completely understand. Completely.