Sunday, March 4


so on friday we went to applebee's for date night. now i know what you're thinking .. applebees? why? well here in costa rica, the applebees is actually really nice. it has an upstairs eating area that is outside with a roof on top and a really nice bar and lighting, etc. its normally pretty expensive (weird, right?) and usually the really rich people who drive fancy cars go there but they have this nifty deal for appetizers and dinner for two sooo we decided to go there!
we got boneless buffalo chicken wings (a staple for us), paris got a bacon cheeseburger, and i got chicken fajitas. and by the time we finished eating we nearly had to be rolled out of there. seriously we ate so much we just sat for an extra twenty five minutes just to digest a little bit. but it was worth it, the food at applebees costa rica is quite yummy!

also, paris bought one of the new iphones this week which he has been wanting for a pretty long time. and i hijacked it for a minute to make an instagram account so now i'm one of the cool kids too! here are just a few more snapshots of our weekend. one of the street when we went on a little walk to the store and one of isaac, just for good measure.

hope everyone had a great weekend!

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