Wednesday, March 7

KONY 2012

so once again i'm probably a little late on the band wagon, posting a video that most of my 10 followers have probably already seen. but that's okay because this time its for a good cause and i want to do my part by spreading the word.

in my junior year of high school (so about 6 years ago? yikes) we had to do a really big project for my english class on a a topic that we would "present to congress" in hopes to persuade them to agree with our point of view. my topic was child soldiers in uganda. this was SIX years ago.

i remember a lot of my research about cihld soldiers and invisible children and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). however its kind of shocking to me after watching this video that i do not remember the name Joseph Kony. even though it was a few years back i really cant remember his name sticking out in my head. i remember the LRA but i guess not their actual leader.

i'm really glad i saw this video today and i'm really glad that these children are getting a voice. its a terrible thing what happens to them and it absolutely should be stopped. some people may think that we have nothing to do with their countries and the african continent but hello, are we not all people? are we not all made of flesh, bones, and blood? exactly.

watch the video and do your part. spread the word and help out if you can!

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