Thursday, January 19

happy anniversary

so last week, in the midst of all the craziness of being back and organizing paris's sister's tea, we had our two year anniversary! its hard to believe that its been two years already, mainly because of how much time we spent apart from each other physically (such is the life of a long distance relationship) but here we are now! two years later and together.

i wasn't expecting to do too much, mainly because we're not in any situation to go all out like weekend trips or anything too fancy. paris asked me where i wanted to go out to dinner that night, he said i could pick anywhere. well really all i was craving was the chicken fingers from the restaurant that we always go to down the street from us! so when i told him that he said great and that he had been thinking of going there too.

so when i was getting ready, paris told me he was going to go run and by some medicine for his cold that had been troubling him for a few days. i thought nothing of it because he usually runs out to talk with whoever is around while i'm getting ready. however, i finished after about 5 minutes and then waited around for another 15 which is way more time than it usually takes and was getting a little annoyed so i texted him and said "i'm eating all the pringles so you better hurry up" (i know i know i can be such a brat sometimes!). as soon as he got back i said lets just go because i was so impatient at that point.

we get to the restaurant and go out on the balcony where we always sit and low and behold...a table already set for us with candles and two glasses of wine. the little bugger had snuck out to ask them to set a table for us for our anniversary dinner! i didnt think he had it in him but it was such a nice surprise and i immediately felt bad for being impatient with him before! it was a great dinner and afterwards we came home to watch almost the entire first season of the walking dead, which we cant get enough of.

thank you babe! i love you so much.

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peter said...

Happy Anniversary! Mom & Dad.