Wednesday, January 18

and i'm back!

pictures courtesy of the disposable camera given to me by Brandi

i'm back! back to blogging and also back in costa rica! i got back a week ago today, and have been extremely busy so sorry for the little hiatus in posts!

last week i helped my boyfriend's sister plan and get ready for her bridal tea (i think thats what i can call it). it was a mixture between a bachelorette party and bridal shower but for about 80 women in a really nice hotel venue. we spent all week running a million errands and making hundreds of little "recuerdos" or remember me gifts. the event was saturday and it was really funny watching everyone sing and dance trying to win prizes.

then on sunday we got the a-ok to check out our NEW APARTMENT. yep we switched apartments. however, sunday and monday were spent deep cleaning everything because the previous renter literally left it a pigsty (so gross that pictures arent internet appropriate!). then we painted all the walls a nice light shade of yellow and finally yesterday we moved all our stuff in! i'll post pictures this week ;)

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