Thursday, February 2

workin' girl

i have a classroom! well, i don't actually have my own classroom, i will be moving back and forth between two classrooms but... it feels like i have a classroom!

i started work yesterday (which already feels like a week ago) and i couldnt be more excited. the past two days have just been a bunch of teacher meetings (how important am i, right?), decorating classrooms, and getting to know my new co-workers! it has been really nice so far, even though a little overwhelming. next week starts teacher-parent interviews and thank goodness the english teachers do not have to conduct the whole interview! we just have to introduce ourselves and give the parents their children's textbooks.

getting all of the information that i have gotten in the past few days has definitely made my head spin a little bit. i already have due dates! thank goodness for the two different planners, the 5 different colored pens i bought today, and my very girly paper clips that i think i will be able to keep myself quite organized.

and then after next week ... the students come. i am half looking forward to it and half dreading it although i have a feeling after the first two weeks i will have a good handle on things (fingers crossed anyway).

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