Tuesday, January 28


Guess what, guys...I'm already on my third week of grad-school and I'm still alive! Ok so maybe it isn't that bad. Actually, so far it isn't too bad at all but all of those assignment due dates on my calendar will soon prove otherwise. However, after 16 years of school, I've finallly become the most organized ever and I've started my assignments days, even weeks, before they are due. I've got my nice new desk to keep me organized and on track.

Another thing that has kept my spirits up about grad school is that fact that I no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars on buying textbooks. Now I just rent them. CampusBookRentals.com is just one site where you can search for hundreds of textbooks to rent for the semester or whatever kind of flexible rental period you need. Their prices are 40%-90% lower than bookstore prices and believe me, this is a lifesaver. They also offer free shipping both ways and the opportunity to highlight in textbooks, which for me is a must! And for those of you who have already bought your textbooks or even have some unwanted textbooks from college leftover, CampusBookRentals.com has a program called RentBack where you can offer up your textbooks to be rented out! You just send them your books and they get rented out to other students so you don't have to worry about the hassle of shipping all the time. And the best part is, every time your books gets rented, you get paid! You can find more information about this program here.

What about you college students out there, have you ever rented your textbooks before??

Wednesday, January 22


It has officially been two weeks since I got back to the U.S.A. That feeling of oh I'm just here on vacation, I will be going back to Costa Rica soon fades a little bit more each day.

My first week here I spent mainly cleaning out my room, which I will discuss a little bit more in a later post.

Last week I started school with a full schedule of classes. I can tell this semester is going to be assignment heavy but I think I'm ready.

I signed a lease on a new car! I am officially a driver of a little Ford Fiesta and I absolutely love it. It is so nice to finally have my own car that I actually feel safe driving. Let's just say my last car wasn't the most reliable ;)

I was hired as a server at a brand new restaurant in a neighboring town and I start training on Friday. To be honest, I am not 100% thrilled to be a waitress again but it allows me to keep my schedule pretty flexible with school and I'm hoping it brings in the money! Which at this point is all I care about right now.

Finally, one of the biggest things I had to get used to coming back to the U.S.A. is: the weather
Hello, cold! If you guys hadn't noticed, most of my last posts from Costa Rica involved warm weather and it has been a sure shock to come back to the Northeast. 

I guess the snow is pretty at least?

Monday, January 20


About a week and a half ago, my friend Anna threw me a welcome home party! It was so nice to get most of my friends in one place with lots of yummy food and wine. I wanted to bring an easy and delicious finger food for everyone to enjoy so I found a recipe for pizza rolls on pinterest and got to work!

I've tried and failed at some pinterest recipes before but let me just say that this pizza roll recipe is the easiest appetizer you will ever make. 
What you need:

crescent rolls
mozzarella cheese sticks
pepperoni slices
pizza sauce

What you do:

Open up the crescent rolls on a baking sheet. Place 3-4 slices of pepperoni on the wide side of the crescent roll. Then place half of a cheese stick on top of the pepperoni. Roll up the crescent roll and move on to the next one! That's it. Bake them at 350 for about 12 minutes or until the crescent rolls are golden brown. Some of the cheese may melt out onto the pan, but I just stuffed it back into the roll once they cooled. You can also skip the pepperoni if you are a vegetarian because the plain cheese rolls taste just as good once you dip them into the pizza sauce!

Have you ever made these rolls or had a successful pinterest recipe??

Tuesday, January 7


It's here. Today is the day. I'm currently on an airplane on my way to New Jersey. My time in Costa Rica is over (for now) and I'm on my way to starting a new chapter in my life. For months I have been looking forward to and dreading this day at the same time. I am so excited to begin studying again and to be close to my family and friends for longer than a few weeks for the first time in almost 4 years! Of course on the other hand, I am leaving my love and best friend so that he can finish studying, himself. But luckily, Paris has been nothing but understanding and supportive and we are both ready for this next challenge in our relationship. So here we go, people! With this new transition in my life, will most likely come some new things for this blog. I mean, no pictures of volcanoes and tropical beach trips! But look forward to some new posts on healthy living and yummy food recipes.

See you soon!

Monday, January 6


Last Sunday, we went with some friends to the top of a mountain. We've made this trip before and a few other times not documented here on the blog. Like I mentioned the last time, the trip to the top of this mountain is scary (although typically I am the only one who thinks so). The road up is just so steep that I usually have to close my eyes so I'm not imagining the car just rolling backwards. On this last journey here were about 5 cars just stopped on the way up because they couldn't go any further!

But besides the terrifying  ride up, the view is just something spectacular. Before we headed up, we grabbed some ceviche from our favorite hole in the wall place where the ceviche is seriously to die for and my favorite blackberry tea and had a lovely little picnic while we watched the sun go down. I must say, that even though the ride is a bit scary, the view is totally worth it. It is one of my favorite Costa Rican pretty places I have found to date and I'm glad I have been able to enjoy such places during my final weeks here.

Friday, January 3


Since I have had a lot of free time after my school year finished up, I have been trying to take advantage of all opportunities to get out of the house! Last week, Paris's sister invited some cousins and myself to take a day trip to her husband's finca for lunch. The property was just beautiful, with what seemed like hundred of hydrangeas blossoming everywhere. We had a great little picnic and enjoyed the cool, pure air, which was such a relief from the heat we have been getting! I've said it before, but I love finding new beautiful places in this country. I even have another one coming at you next week.

Wednesday, January 1


Welcome to 2014, everyone! Like for most people, my 2013 had it's ups and downs but definitely ended on a very high note. For NYE, Paris's family and all significant others went to a very popular Brazilian restaurant. The amount of food in the buffet was unreal. Not to mention the meat carvers walking around to every table were carrying the most delicious red meat I have ever eaten and I do not eat a lot of red meat! We definitely ate our way out of 2013! It was a great time.

I'm excited and a little nervous to see what 2014 will bring. I don't like to set strict resolutions because I don't like feeling bad if I don't always follow through. However there are a few things that I want to focus on this year:

1. I want to work as hard as possible in my graduate school classes. I'm excited to start my program and I'm also looking forward to see how I like my classes.

2. Work on my health. I can't wait to get back to running, I have been looking forward to being able to run on my own pretty much since I moved to Costa Rica. I'm also looking forward to eating healthier (less rice and beans) and drinking more water.

3. Finally I'm excited to work as much as possible to save up to visit my love! Like I've said being away won't be easy but we are both planning on saving money like crazy so we can get to those highly anticipated trips to see one and other.

Welcome, 2014!