Sunday, April 21

nice to meet you

there are some new readers around these parts so i thought i do a little about me post to re-introduce myself.

i am originally from new jersey but have spent the last two years or so in costa rica living with my boyfriend.

i try to spend as much time as i can getting to know this country, and have so far been to a few different volcanoes, and of course lots of time at the beach.

i am a middle school english teacher and even though the job is hard, i love it.

i miss my friends and family a lot so i try to go home at least twice a year. and this year is extra special because in one week i will be going home to celebrate my brother getting married!

and of course i can't leave out my little puppy rocco. he is my first dog and has been such a loveable companion. i just can't get enough of my little baby boy.

i wanted to say thank you to all my readers both old and new! creating this blog was one of the best decisions i have made during my years abroad and i have loved getting to know so many people through it. i appreciate every single one of my readers, so thanks for sticking around!

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Bethany K @ BeforeDuringAfter said...

Hi! I love this idea of a "reintroduction" post. And the way you've linked to old posts for more info is really smart. I might steal it when I get a few more followers!

I looooved loved Costa Rica the one week I was there. We didn't see any beaches; we did see a volcano and some rainforest and...the food. Mmm. It was a fantastic trip. Lucky you!

I understand being far from family. We aren't out of the country, but we are in DC while our families are in Louisiana. It's still a long + expensive flight!

Happy Sunday!

Oh, here's my blog too (it's about pregnancy and baby stuff...): The Blog!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

Congratulations to your brother!! That's so exciting! And I love that skirt! I have sandals just like those and they are the BEST.

Heather Marie said...

love it!! it is always fun getting to know the blogger :)