Monday, April 22

how to make your hair super soft

for a while i have been wanting to try some sort of hair mask that would contain my friz and try to make my split ends less noticeable. i have had my eye on this mask, mainly because it seemed pretty easy to do! coincidentally, paris's sister asked me this weekend if i wanted to try to do a hair mask with her and i said absolutely.

all you need is some avocado and olive oil.
since i didnt have a mixer like the tutorial called for i just mashed them together really well with a spoon. this is what i got:
i applied to mask only to the middle of my hair and below, mainly because the top of my hair gets pretty oily on its own and i didnt want to risk having the roots like super greasy.

a few things:

the tutorial says to just rinse out the mixture with conditioner. i needed to shampoo my hair twice to get all the stuff out! simply rinsing did not work for me.

the tutorial also says you can add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil because your hair will soak up the scent. you should do this. i was tempted to name this post "how to make your hair smell like avocado" because after shampoo and conditioner my hair still vaguely smells of guac. i just didn't think that title would attract much attention ;)

however i must say after blow drying my hair i noticed significantly less frizz/extra volume that my hair normally has when i blow dry it.

and now my hair is super soft!

i would definitely try this again, but with an extra scent added to mask the avocado smell. has anyone tried any similar hair masks??


Unknown said...

I'm so tempted to do this! except I will be adding oil because I'm not sure if I want my hair to smell like guac ...

Anonymous said...

My hair is already oily and I'm afraid that by adding more oil it'll become greasy. Can you suggest other alternatives for the oil? Can't I just use pure avocado for my hair? I hope to hear more from you. Thanks!

Paola Basilio