Wednesday, June 6

the little things

i thought i would link up for the infamous "oh how pinteresting" link-up since i have yet to do so! even though it is only one pin, i thought it was super cute and i have been saving it to use for a little while.
this is how i feel most weeks, monday through wednesday haha. don't get me wrong i really enjoy my job, but lately i have just been feeling really tired.
lucky me, today at work i left with a smile on my face. 
i recently met an american girl who had been living here in costa rica for a while and long story short, today she had an interview at my school for a possible teaching position next year.
as part of her interview she sat in on one of my classes with my eighth graders to see what it was like.
after i told my students that she might be a teacher at the school next year and she was here to check it out, the immediate responses were some of the following: 

"wait .. teacher .. you're not coming back?"
"but she isn't taking your job, right teacher?"

they do love me! i couldnt help but smile a little bit at their concerned faces that this new girl might possibly replace me. 

at least i know they like me a little bit, no matter how many times i have to ask them to stop talking or how many times i have to remind them that they should be paying attention.

so that was the little thing that made me leave work feeling a little bit better about how i'm doing.

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