Monday, May 20

the barking crab

these are the last of my pictures from my trip to the USA two weeks ago. the day after the wedding, all of my visiting family got together for a big dinner at the barking crab on the boston harbor. my parents really love this restaurant and wanted to share it with everyone while we were all together. i personally love it for all the fried seafood they have to offer. yum.

and then they took out the biggest lobster i had ever seen in my life. the waitress was walking around the whole restaurant with it so i asked her if it was their mascott or something like that. you know, some super old lobster that is the pride and joy of the restaurant. and she said, "no. we sell these every day."
oh. $250 worth of lobster, people.

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Treasure Tromp said...

whoa. this looks amazing. and intense :) 250?!?! ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Wow - I think I'd be scared that the lobster would eat me! (it certainly looks big enough to)