Sunday, May 12

springtime at home

i was lucky enough to be in NJ during the perfect springtime weekend. i heard the weather wasn't that nice before i got there so i like to think mother nature brought the spring time just for me. 

i wanted to take advantage of all the flowers in bloom so i ran around my house taking a million pictures of my parents' garden area. they do a pretty good job, don't you think?

speaking of parents, happy mother's day to my wonderful mom! as always it was such a lovely treat to be home with you for a few days and i cannot wait until my next trip :) miss you!


Living in Another Language said...

Spring FLEW by in South Korea...faster than I wanted it to. Now I'm almost to the point where I need to turn on my A/C!

I will live vicariously through the pictures on your blog. :)

-Amanda | Living in Another Language

Heather Marie said...

So pretty!!!

tiarenie said...

these are BEAUTIFUL!