Saturday, May 11

back to the blog

two weeks without a blog post. this whole blogging thing can be hard sometimes! i'm sure i have said this before but i never thought that blogging would become such a big part of my life. sometimes it feels like the best choice of a hobby that i ever could have made and sometimes it feels like a second job that i am not really getting paid for. and i know that when it comes to that second feeling that i need to just take a break. blogging should be fun! always. sometimes i feel so silly when i get stressed over not blogging for a day .. or 14. i try to remind myself that this is my hobby .. that i chose blogging as an outlet for the other stressors in my life, not to give me more stress!

so here is me telling you that i will no longer feel bad about not blogging every single day! if i need a day off, i will take a day off without guilt. i also cannot wait to get back to reading all of my favorite blogs. i sure have missed everyone :)


Stephanie said...

Welcome back, hope you had a good break!

tiarenie said...

welcome back! blogging should be fun and pressure free, take all the time you need!