Saturday, April 27

i did it

i did it, you guys. i completed my to-do list from this week! and let me tell you, this was the longest to-do list i have ever had. in my life. and now that it's done .. i am on vacation.

i fly this afternoon and by dinner time i will be on the ground in NJ. hallelujah!
i am so excited to spend some time with my friends and especially my family. but most importantly i am so looking forward to watching my brother get married!

the festivities from this week will only happen once so be prepared for some posts with an overload of pictures :)


Stephanie said...

Have fun in NJ, sounds like you'll have a good weekend! :)

Ragan said...

That does sound fun! Have a great trip!

LB said...

Hope you have such a great trip!!! :)