Friday, June 1


i am so happy to see friday today. this week has been extremely long and very busy for me.

last week marked the end of the trimester so this week meant i had to finish grading all of the geography projects and language arts exams from both of my classes.
and then i had to calculate the final trimester grades.

so needless to say that kept me a little bit occupied this week.

yesterday at school were the school olympics. when i first heard there were going to be olympics at school this year i was pretty excited because when i was a camp counselor, the olympics were the absolute best part of summer.

i'm just going to say that my school's olympics were a little bit sub-par compared to what i was used to haha. however, the students had a great time and that is all that matters.
up there are some of the decorations that my eighth graders spent a loooong time making. pretty cute right?

and speaking of being a camp counselor, if there are any of you out there who know what i mean when i say you were a summer camp counselor and you basically grew up going to summer camp, i think you will appreciate this little article i found the other day. 

as soon as i read it i was reminded of myself and my parents a few years ago and how we had some very similar conversations.

its always interesting to look back a few years and think about where you thought your life would be, and where it is now. for example i never in a million years thought i would be an english teacher in costa rica, but here i am. if only i had had a time machine i probably would have been able to convince my parents that one more summer as a camp counselor probably would not have hurt my resume!


bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

I went to a church camp once and got kicked out. Never really went to a summer camp. What kinds of (non-religious?) camps did you go to??

Anonymous said...

GIRL! You are busy! Don't worry it will be over before you know it!

Ioana-Carmen said...

So, so stylish darling! what do u say about following each others blog? kisses