Sunday, June 3

weekend wrap-up

this weekend was pretty busy (for us). we started on thursday with a little date night action. we went out for some buffalo wings, which if you don't know already is pretty much a staple for us because it is p's favorite thing to eat. then we stopped by a little family gathering because one of p's cousins is home for a short vacation from her job. she works as a flight attendant in Qatar, which is crazy, and she brought home a ton of little napkins, place mats, and hand wipes from the planes she works on ... hence that first picture above....i thought maybe someone would ask me why the heck i was flying on qatar airways.

friday we spent all afternoon moving apartments to one in which we lived in previously, which is a complete blessing. i'm so grateful that p's parents offer us an apartment to live in essentially free of rent, but the apartment we had been living in for the past 4 months was a mistake. so now i can say, hello hot water, hello full sized-kitchen sink, and hello non-smelling bathroom (.. among other things). even though it was a ton of work moving everything from one apartment to another just the two of us we are extremely happy to be back in our old home. oh and then we went out dancing with some cousins which is always a good time. we've been to this bar a lot and one thing that always gets me is that it is in the middle of the forest and it has no roof. so you are just dancing with some trees and stars above you. something i have only experienced here.

and finally, sunday was spent organizing our new apartment .. notice i now have my own closet area .. so much less stress. i spent a good amount of time reading a free book i downloaded on my kindle which made me really happy because i havent been able to do much reading for pleasure lately. we also headed to the movies to see snow white and the huntsman which unfortunately wasn't as great as i was expecting but still entertaining.

i hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready for the week to begin!

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meme-and-he said...

its amazing how much a little organization can reduce stress! Glad you had a chance to relax and read!