Tuesday, May 29

what i'm looking forward to about my trip home pt 2

1., 2., 3., 4.

sushi!!! even though here i said that we had found a respectable sushi place near our apartment, i still crave the sushi from home.

the fish is just different.

i can't even remember when i first started liking sushi but i think it was in high school. ever since then, when sushi is an option, i'm all for it.

i started slow, with your typical california role. then got a little more adventurous with the tuna role and the salmon role and even a little more adventurous with the spicy roles! (even though they are supposedly just the fish that is a little bit older smashed up with some spicy stuff to cover the taste? ... still good still good.)

most recently, within the past year i started trying all different kinds of eel roles and i just love them!

but back to the point. my mom doesn't really go for sushi but thank god there is a hibachi/sushi place by my house that makes delicious rice and meat plates for her along with tons of yummy roles for me and my dad.

i think last christmas when i was home visiting for two weeks we managed to fit in sushi a good 5-6 times. mostly when mom was at work and dad took me out for lunch ;) so maybe this time a repeat of said festivities?

its pretty popular back home so i'm not surprised there are like a million japanese restaurants around my house (you know, just a million).
sushi, here i come.

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bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

So delicious. I work where there's a sushi dept. It takes all my self control to not accidentally face-plant in to a sushi roll.