Tuesday, May 22

what i'm looking forward to on my trip home pt. 1

last week i asked one of my friends for some topics i could blog about. she said bagels. and i said, that is a great idea.

so since there are 6 weeks until i get to go home for 16 whole days, i thought i would highlight one thing each week that i am looking forward to when i get home! as you can see, the first one is: bagels.

the area where i'm from, we're kinda crazy about our bagels. they are just so incredibly good. and it just so happens that in my town there is one of the most famous bagel places around (okay in my head it is famous).

when i went to spain last year, coincidentally one of my roommates was from the town over from mine, and we bonded over this bagel shop. we figured we had probably even seen each other in line at one point or another.

these bagels are delish. the perfect consistency of soft inside with a slight crunch on the outside. my go-to choices are whole wheat with veggie cream cheese and egg and cheese on whole wheat. you just can't go wrong.

and it just so happens that at this particular bagel shop, a good majority of the workers are from costa rica! who would have thought, right?



tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

ok, if someone told me to blog about bagels, you probably wouldn't read it ... but you absolutely made this work. and now I want a bagel! we have a bagel shop within walking distance from our home, so I eat them allll the time. yum.

Niken said...

iam open to any subject of food :)
and bagel is definitely be heard

Alissa said...

That looks absolutely delicious. I want one right now.

My yogurt is officially not cutting it.

Jennifer said...

oh wow that looks so delicious:)

Lindsey said...

iv only been back in boston for a few days and im going through bagel withdrall... miss u B

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh out loud. Literally. I'm going home this weekend and I was just talking about how excited I was to get a bagel. Oh Jersey bagels, how I love you. What town are you from?

Lissa @ her + him said...

yuuuck bugs. ha cute post! i love bagels :)

Kristin W said...

Britta! It's nice to "meet" you and thanks so much for the button add! Good luck in the giveaway and I'm looking forward to to following your Costa Rican adventures :)

Unknown said...

this is so funny - i am going "home" this summer to see my family and the one thing i CANNOT wait for is chocolate chip bagels at the great canadian bagel. i cannot find them out on the west coast here. and i know they sound disgusting but they are sooo good!