Wednesday, May 23

a tuesday

so yesterday i walked into the middle school building and one of my students said, "be careful, teacher" and pointed to the floor.

and on the floor i saw about 50 bugs. but not just any bugs. these huge brown bugs with the bodies of wasps and even bigger wings. and when i say huge i mean huge. the bodies alone were about the size of my thumb.

it seemed like they had been sprayed or something because the majority of them were just laying there while some were unsuccessfully trying to crawl away.

i would have taken a picture but when i tried one of my students picked one up and started bring it really close to me....

i had the he-be-ge-bes the rest of the day.

so after school and after zumba (yeah, second time this week!), i decided to make this for dinner

sorry for the blurry picture!

just a plain chicken breast, sauteed in a little garlic, some avocado, tomato, sweet corn, and a little bit of lemon juice. extremely delicious, even boyfriend liked it.


ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)

Kristin W said...

WHOA! Insanely scary about the bugs...reminds me of when I stepped on a snake in front of my middle schoolers ;)

That meal looked delicious!