Friday, May 25

friday's letters

dear future chihuahua puppy: should we get you? should we wait? we really want a dog just like you and have the opportunity to do so but we need to make a decision this weekend! people keep saying they are a big responsibility and we know its true but we already love you. help! dear zumba: i've stuck with you this week and i'm glad i did. being a little sore in the mornings is exactly what i need to want to keep going back. also, i'm starting to learn your crazy dance steps so maybe i'll move up from the very last row next time. dear end of the trimester: i'm glad you are here but man, you are a lot of work. grading all your tests and projects and making final grade reports? thank goodness you only come three times a year. dear boyfriend: don't expect me to show off my zumba moves at the club tonight because i'm just not ready yet. also, lets get the puppy?

*this is not our puppy but we are thinking of getting one that looks so similar! we're torn deciding if we should get it now or wait a little while longer and see if another opportunity comes up. any advice from people with chihuahuas about how hard they are to have?



Alyssa said...

Awww. What a cute puppy! I hope you'll be able to get one! :)

Loulou said...

Hi :) I'm visiting from The Perfect Pair blog party ... Woot party! My mom and dad got a chuhuahua a couple of years ago and are crazy in love with her. She was a rescue so not a puppy but still adorable. But also a huge amount of work. For them having her is worth it ... For me, I stick to my easy to care for cat, Eddie.


Helen said...

Uncle Stephen has a chuhuahua

Helen said...
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Fitzy said...

I have a chihuahua named Tito. I'd wanted to get a chihuahua for years, but everybody told me how much work they are and that it wasn't the right time. So I kept putting it off. Then Tito came into my life by chance, and at the absolute WORST possible time. I had been very sick for months, so much so that friends had insisted that I stay with them until the doctors could figure out what was wrong with me; I had been at their house about four months when I met Tito. He was just a puppy and he belonged to the next door neighbor. For some reason, they decided they just didn't want him anymore. I adopted Tito and never looked back, never regretted it for a second. It's NOT a lot of work, I don't even notice it. Chihuahuas are the easiest dogs to care for, relatively speaking. If you have five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening to feed the dog, you have enough time in your day to care for a chihuahua. They just need attention, and you will find that it is impossible NOT to give the little guy attention.

Tito saved my life, honestly. There is never a "right" time to get a dog. Just get one. You wont regret it.