Sunday, May 6

dog person?

in a month or two i might be the new momma to a little chihuahua dog! our friends grandmother has four chihuahuas and whenever we go to her house i may or may not pretend to steal my favorite of the dogs, nacha (shes the big one in the bottom left picture). i just love her so much shes so small and when you pick her up and put her in your lap she just melts into you trying to catch all your body heat.

well nacha just had five beautiful little puppies with another of the dogs, taco (he's the one in the upper right and left pictures). yup, nacha and taco. just look at how adorable these little babies are, they're only a week old! the owner isnt sure if she will give us one yet or if she is going to sell us one but she definitely knows we are interested.

i've always wanted a dog. i know they are a huge responsibility but being that i only work a few hours a day at school i'll be around most of the rest of the day to take care of it. plus it would be the perfect size for our itty bitty apartment. i really hope this all works out, i would love to have a little furball running around these parts.

*also, as a little update, everything for the english day celebration at school went great! so glad its over though :) 


bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

awww puppies! A word of advice, make sure the breed works for you before you get one. I love dogs, but I know that pugs are one of the very few breeds that work for us with where and how we live and what we want out of a pup. Good luck! :)

The Adventurer said...

BLAH I am a crazy dog person. I mean you have no idea. Or maybe you do.... either way I am so super pumped for you and I hope one of these tiny animals becomes yours!