Sunday, May 27

weekend tid bits

the rainy season has begun.
when it rains this much usually all anyone wants to do is watch movies and sleep.
so this weekend we didnt do much.

friday we went to p's sister's apartment with some other couples to eat pizza, watch the costa rica vs. guatemala game, and have some girl/guy talk. it was quite fun.

saturday, we went to the movies and saw men in black. it was cute but i remember the first one being way better. they probably should have stopped while they were ahead.

then today we didnt do so much.
since i've moved here i have noticed that p's family doesn't bake so much. now there is nothing wrong with that but i love to bake so i was quite surprised when his family was so amazed that i could make chocolate chip cookies.

i brought a little muffin pan with me from my last trip home and p has been wanting to try out some muffins. to start easy we got the simple...just add water kind. yep.

anyway, p was super proud to have made them by himself and they were delish.

the end, weekend.

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peter said...

that lad is an ace in the kitchen!