Monday, May 28

a thought for monday

my favorite place

i've been thinking a lot about my friends lately.
in the past few years i've gone through some ups and downs in regards to my friendships.

but it has made me realize who has stuck around and who was never really there in the first place.

being away from your friends, in another state, or in my case in another country is hard on any relationship, including friendships. but in the past almost two years of being away from my best friends for months and months at a time, i've realized which of my friendships are genuine.

i'm not going to lie, sometimes i wish i had never chose to be so far away from my friends at all. sometimes i wish i was closer to them to be able to call them or stop by whenever i wanted to. but since i'm not i've learned that i have to put in a little more effort to skype them or gchat, or download whatsapp, which have all saved my sanity. 

my friends have learned to put in that effort too. and i couldn't be more grateful.

so this post is for you, my dear friends. i surely cannot wait to see you.

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Lindsey said...

i miss you and love you i cannot wait to see you soon oxoxox