Monday, April 1

the mystery of lake arenal

when we were admiring the lovely lake arenal, paris told me that there supposedly was an abandoned city at the bottom of the lake. and i thought .. hmm supposedly .. that means it must have happened suddenly and people are unsure of what really happened. and that means that this whole city just got covered in water and had no idea what was going on .. you know like armageddon style.

so of course when we got home i googled "city under lake arenal." and now i can tell you that there is a town at the bottom of lake arenal. however, this town was rebuilt at a different location on higher ground so that the lake could purposefully be made larger. a little less exciting than my original thoughts but probably for the best. anyway, it sure is pretty right?


Unknown said...

I had no idea about that town! I drove around that lake like nothing was even there! ;)

Something Infinitely Interesting said...

Thats pretty cool

Honeybee said...

Really? City at the bottom of the lake? Sounds exciting. I'm going to google it right away :)

Have a blessing week,

Jay said...

I like your imagined version better although happy that it was less tragic!