Monday, March 4

volcanos are for the morning

i have been telling paris that i want to go to a volcano for weeks now. we went one time two years ago and i thought that by now i should have been to more than just one. so i demanded that we go.

but based on something called "tico time" (costa ricans are called ticos) we didn't end up getting to the volcano until about 2pm. it is typically best to visit volcanoes oh, before 11am. when there is actually something to see. by the time we arrived, all we saw was this cloud. and oh my goodness was it freezing.
 i clearly was not dressed properly but played it off as oh i went to school in boston, nothing can hurt me. wrong

who knew costa rica could get so cold.

*also, head on over to jay's blog to check out an interview i did for her series called expatriated!


Helene said...

wow! these pics are great! that fog is crazy!!
Helene in Between

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

WOW what intense fog!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful fog! Volcanoes are awesome and if you get to Italy make sure to see Mt Vesuvius in my hometown of Napoli.

Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

Anonymous said...

these pictures are so beautiful!