Sunday, July 8

family weekend

this weekend my brother and his fiance came down from boston to hang with me and my parents.

our weekend mostly consisted of shopping, eating, and just hanging out. we hit up the outlet mall where everything was on sale. 

i got a bridesmaid's dress! going to keep it a secret though ;)

it is always a good time when we're all together. lots of good food and lots of good laughs. and next weekend i'll be heading up to boston for a little more time with my brother and laura. can't wait!


jackiek said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! if you try the braid, please let me know!! by the way, where in new jersey are you from? i live there now. xo

Nicajoice said...

Hi Britta,

I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! It's for the sweetest, nicest, dearest bloggers out there and you surely are one of them. Been reading your posts for quite a while now and they are just lovely!

Check out the award here -



The Adventurer said...

Outlet mall for the win. I mean I can do some serrrrious damage at those outlets. I hope to be seeing some more outfit posts!