Sunday, November 24


Once again, I'm going to give this ol' blog another chance. It has been really nice taking a step back from this space but sometimes I just miss it. I really enjoy sharing what I'm up to and the pictures that I take, but every now and again I get a little too obsessed with all the other parts of blogging. All my bloggers, out there I know you understand this. I know I mentioned this in my last post but blogging can just be so weird and it is never something I thought I would get involved with but here I am! So here's to another try .. hopefully you'll stick around with me :)
Reading: final exams and final grades! The end of my school year is just around the corner .. thank goodness!
Writing: my last two assignments before the final exam of my online class. Again .. thank goodness! the year is really coming to a close, fast.
Listening: to episodes of homeland. I mistakenly started watching this series and it is addicting. I pretty much have one playing as I do almost everything else.
Thinking: about how I cannot wait to leave my school. The administration there has really shown their true colors the past few months and I am unfortunately not too sad to say goodbye to them.
Wishing: I could be in two places at once, but that's a topic for another day.
Hoping: that December is just as great in Costa Rica as it always is at home.
Wearing: as many dresses as possible. It is getting hot!
Loving: that Starbucks in Costa Rica is using red cups. I've only been to Starbucks here twice since it opened in the beginning of the year and even though they don't sell PSL they do sell Peppermint Mochas and they are using red cups ;)
Wanting: to find the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone.
Needing: nothing new right now. I mean, there are always some things that would be helpful but I am learning to get by with what I have.
Feeling: a little nervous about my big move in a few weeks.
Clicking: through a bunch of blogs that I need to catch up on!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I love the blogging community, I've been blogging for the better part of 10 years! There are many a times that we all just need to step back. Good luck with the end of the school year! =)

Victoria said...

hope the end of your semester goes well! and your big move goes smoothly!!

cute blog!

Per @ Perky Thoughts said...

Welcome back! :)