Tuesday, November 12


As many kids in the states did, I grew up eating a lot of PB&J. Then later on in my high school/college years I grew to love peanut butter. When you live abroad, you quickly find out that most other countries don't really like peanut butter (???). They just don't get it! So I usually stock up and bring a few jars of my favorite kind: Skippy Extra Crunch. Unfortunately a few months ago, some ants got into my last jar .. darn them! Luckily, my friend Katie saved the day and brought me a small stash. As an expat, one of the greatest things is having a visitor from home who offers to pick up a few things you may need ;)

Lately I've been into grilled PB&J. You know, like grilled cheese, but instead of the cheese you slap on some peanut butter and the jelly of your choice. It is not the healthiest choice but it is quick to make and reminds me of home. Oh and if you're into the regular peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the grilled kind will blow you away.

What food reminds you of home?


Danielle Villano said...

Mmm... that sure looks nice! I definitely need to try this :)


Whit said...

I eat pb&J on toast... which is kind of the same thing I think, just less bread.... almost EVERY night. I love it despite the massive calorie overload :)
Raspy Wit

Megan C. Stroup said...

Another great grilled sandwich (and don't knock it til you've tried it!) is grilled pb & cheese. I know it sounds weird, but it's soooo good!! Just make sure you have some milk to wash it down with. :)