Monday, September 9

weekly wishes

good morning, monday! today i am linking up with melyssa for her weekly wishes series. i'm pretty excited to be taking part in this series because i think it is a great idea to set little goals or wishes for each week and here i can be held accountable.

 my wish for this week is to get ahead. normally, i plan out almost every hour of the day so i will know what i have to get done each day in order to successfully complete all of my lesson plans, private tutoring, grading, blog posts, etc and not have to be doing a ton of work on the weekends. however this week i have a slight advantage and my wish is to get enough done so that i am ahead of the game

. my students are on a field trip today to the sanitorio and i was not chosen as one of the chaperones. being as i just went there a few weeks ago with some friends and the last school trip i went on wasn't so successful, i am not too disappointed. i am still at school today, but with no kids around, i am positive i will be able to get as much work done as possible. my plan is to complete all of my lesson plans for the following week and to get a head start on the reading/note taking for my online psychology course. 

do you think i can do it? check in next monday to see how i did and to see next week's wishes!


Unknown said...

Woohoo! This is a great goal for this week (especially when you can get a bit of a head start without the students around today). I also need to work on getting ahead. Every September is like a clean slate for me but I already feel myself getting behind. Maybe I just need to take a step back and enjoy how life is unfurling before me :)

Amy | Club Narwhal

Anonymous said...

Love your goal! I am a teacher too and like to have everything planned in advance too. But sometimes it's hard because lesson planning and grading take a long time. Good luck with it!

With Arms Outstretched said...

nice photo! : )

Angela Tolsma said...

good luck with your wishes!! Hope you get as ahead as you would like!