Friday, September 6

dear costa rica,

dear exams: i graded 112 of you this week. that was not fun. thank goodness i won't have to do that again hoepfully ever. dear online class: you were officially started this week! i've never taken an online class before but this is an easy intro class to get my feet wet and so far so good! not to mention i rented the textbook for my kindle for only $30. long gone are the days of buying $150 textbooks! dear costa rica: i love you, you know i do. but the people here are really bad sports! yes, your soccer team lost to the USA a few months ago, but that doesn't mean you should conveniently "not find" any training space for our players and "not have any balls available" for them to practice with. sportsmanship. we'll just see who comes out on top tonight. dear students: unfortunately there have been some bullying issues at school that make my blood boil. i hope one day you realize how wrong your actions were. bullying is never okay.

i hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend. i know i will!

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Britt said...

I HATE grading exams.
If you don't already, invest in your own personal scantron!
Makes a world of difference!
Britt @ One&20

The Adventurer said...


PS. I hope you never have to grade 112 exams again, too!

PPS. SO FUN getting your email!! XO