Wednesday, September 4

happy blogtember!

so i am a day late starting blogtember but i am super excited that jenni is doing this challenge! it really motivates me to get into blogging full force which is just what i need right now. today's prompt is If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

this is really hard to answer because there are so many things that i would just love to do but three months to do all of them is not enough time! one thing that i would do if i could pause life, pack up and go, would be move to france. ever since i realized i could live and work in a country where the native language is not english, i have wanted to learn another language. sometimes i amaze myself with how far my spanish has gotten and how i can communicate with almost any spanish speaking person. (there are still those people who i just cannot understand no matter how hard i listen!). the best is when someone tells me, man your spanish is really good! and i pat myself on the back.

so naturally, i am interested in learning another language and right now i would choose french. it would be so lovely to immerse myself for three months with french pastries and a french student trying to learn english so we could exchange our time practicing each others native language. if only, right?

what would you do with your three months?


tiarenie said...

great prompt. i think i would travel around asia! i've never been and im dying to eat my way through thailand..

Anonymous said...

I would go to Ireland for sure!

Emma Kate said...

I would love to spend time in France. The language is beautiful...not to mention the fashion and the food :)