Wednesday, July 31

the real briarcliff

this past weekend we finally got a change to go back to the Sanatorio Duran and this time we got to enter.
this place is essentially an abandoned former hospital/jail that is supposedly haunted. i don't really believe in ghosts but i find it pretty interesting that other people do and believe me, a lot of people here in costa rica sure do. even though the buildings are old and filled with graffiti (which is unfortunate because it took away from the experience quite a bit), the grounds were really beautiful. i can only imagine what it was like when the buildings were attended to properly.

we spent a few hours just wandering and the whole time i just couldn't help but think of the show american horror story. for a few moments there i might have though i was walking around briarcliff in the present day and imagining all the things that could have possibly taken place. i even went as far as to ask one of our friends if crazy stuff happened there. he said no. it was a well respected hospital. disappointed? maybe. should i probably not believe everything i see on tv? definitely. but they probably could have filmed an episode or two there, i swear it was so similar.

anyway we had a lot of fun wandering around, maybe scaring each other, and some of us taking as many pictures of the windows as possible to try and catch a glimpse of a ghost. but no names will be named of those people.


Bethany Stewart said...

CRAZY CREEPY. But since I happen to love old (and creepy) buildings, I have to say this is also crazy cool :) Fantastic photos Britta!

Yelle said...

this is very cool and reminds me of photos that my dad has of an abandoned hospital from where he grew up. i didn't realize that this was in costa rica and thats super cool, i would have loved to visit this while i was there! respected or not, it makes for very touching photographs.

B Dav said...

I LOVE those last two pics. I can never think of cool poses with my friends. We always do the cheesy signature hold-each-other-around-the-waist.
We suck.

Britt @ One&20
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