Sunday, August 18

blogging is hard

blogging is hard.
 it's hard to be consistent with posts and always have something interesting to write about. 
sometimes i feel so much pressure to write a post every single day that my readers are going to love and i get too overwhelmed. so i took a break! a little blog-cation.

but i think i am ready to come back now. so here i am.
you'll hopefully be seeing a few more posts around these parts.

some things that have been going on while i have been away...

1. paris got his visa!! this is a really big deal and probably deserves its own post. paris is finally allowed to visit the united states and we are both so so happy and relieved. this will make our time apart much easier to handle now that we are both able to travel to one an other.

2. i will have two visitors in october! my dear friend katie is coming to visit me for about 6 days in october when i have a few days off from work and i could not be more excited! another of my friends is coming to CR with her boyfriend for about three weeks in october and we are making plans to meet up. i am so excited to have people from home see my life here.

 i hope everyone enjoys their sunday.

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Treasure Tromp said...

HI BRITTA! welcome back! :)

I'm so happy for Paris!!