Sunday, January 6

catching up

i hope you will excuse my absence recently. instead of blogging i have thoroughly been enjoying my time at home and have taken two more little trips since my journey to tampa for christmas! two weekends ago i went to philly with some friends and most recently i just got back from 5 days in boston. but i need to play a little catch up so i'm going to bring you all the way back to christmas again.

we ventured over to ybor city while we were in tampa. ybor has one of the most famous cuban restaurants called the columbia restaurant (take a moment to work that one out). and inside of said restaurant it looked like we had traveled all the way to the motherland, spain.we enjoyed some great tapas for lunch that day and then some more for christmas eve dinner that night. don't worry we didn't overlap! basically this trip consisted of family and a whole lot of spanish food. my kind of trip.


Ragan said...

what a fun break! The only time I've ever eaten Cuban food was on my honeymoon, and it was DELICIOUS!

Unknown said...

I guess you're excused ... but only because tapas were involved and those are my fav. Hope that you're enjoying your time back in the states! when do you head back to CR?

A and B said...

Hope you had an amazing break! Can't wait to read more about when you head back to costa rica!