Friday, December 28

the best food

for christmas eve and christmas my aunt cooked up a storm. my mother's side of the family is spanish and since i was little every family gathering has involved delicious home-cooked spanish food. and even though my aunts and cousins don't get together as often as we used to, my mom still loves to make all the tapas my dad, brother, and i can eat. lucky us!

so for christmas eve my aunt prepared a ton of tapas that were a huge hit with everyone. stuffed mushrooms (with the good jamon), croquettas, codfish with tomato sauce, manchego cheese, red peppers, and more. then for christmas dinner she made a traditional paella. these pictures really don't do it all justice but writing about it makes me want to eat it all again.

does anyone else have traditional foods that they eat around the holidays? (or always?)

happy weekend everyone!


Eleyn said...

I love Paella! :) Happy Holidays!

Marsa said...

yummm :)

happy new years!!

Alynne Leigh said...

cute blog! that food looks delicious (:


The Adventurer said...

I want all of this.


Next Christmas, I'm coming to your house!

And we always have tamales on Christmas eve. Its a weird Texas thing but I like it :)

Monica Mancuso said...

So glad you and your parents were able to come to Tampa for Christmas! It was so great spending time with you!